Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avoiding Heresies - Pop-Culture Post

Did anyone else see this past week's issue of The New Yorker (7 March 2011)? It contains a piece by Ian Frazier entitled "In My Defense." Although a humorous look at the Boy Scouts' refusal to accept athiest scoutmasters, it take a hilarious look at heresies.

As I was casually thumbing through the issue, I read in the first paragraph of this article the author's claim to have stumbled upon Nestorianism--one of the heresies we have already covered in class. In his mock-e-mail to his scout troop, the former scoutmaster describes how he progressed from one heresy to another, and his description of each is a brief snapshot of each heresy's root. It makes for entertaining and informative (from our perspective) reading.

Unfortunately, I can't link to the entire article, which is only available to subscribers. But here's a look at the abstract. If you do subscribe, go back and read the whole thing. I'd love to hear what you have to say. If you don't subscribe, I'll make a copy available in class this Sunday.

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