Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not Looking for a Fight

I could not have imagined a better day at General Convention than yesterday, yet I fully expect them to get even better.

The highlight of my day was the Evangelism legislative committee meeting. It was a fairly small gathering—a committee of twenty-five or so plus twenty to thirty spectators. They started their work at 8am with orientation matters, but by 10am they were ready to hold their first “public hearing” on some resolutions.

Essentially, there were three resolutions being considered: A070, A073, and C002. All of the committees are being encouraged to consider resolutions with budget implications early because convention is shorter this time. Honestly, even though the content of those resolutions is important, what was more important was how they were handled. Each was presented earnestly and enthusiastically. Individuals in the gallery gave supportive testimony. And then the committee asked really tough questions about how they would work and whether they were the most efficient use of resources.

I rose to speak against C002—not because it was controversial but because I think there’s a better way to spend $760k. And even though everyone in the room seemed behind C002, my comments were received eagerly by everyone in the committee. They asked me some fabulous follow-up questions, and we spent some time really asking each other what was best for the Church and for God’s work in the world.

There were other moments like that, too, throughout the day. Some weren’t quite as open and life-giving, but most were. Instead of controversy and animosity, there’s a spirit of collaboration and exploration in the air. The Convention really seems interested in getting to the heart of what God wants us to do. I can’t imagine a better attitude for us as deputies to have. We won’t always agree, and there will be heated, controversial topics to discuss. But it seems that we’re not looking for a fight. We’re looking for the Holy Spirit. Thanks be to God.

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  1. Thanks, Evan, for a glimmer of hope. I pray that the Holy Spirit may infuse all of the bishops and deputies and begin to lead us into the new and exciting future that is awaiting.


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