Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peter and Paul

This cant be a long post. I am up at Swwanee for a youth trip. But I can't help but notice that Peter and Paul were a remarkable example of modern collaboration. These two men didn't like each other. The Bible doesn't give us a full depiction of their strained relationship, but it does tell us that they openly disagreed with one another. How remarkable it is that two of the greatest figures of the Christian movement were at odds with one another yet are remembered on the same day!

Paul in second Timothy wrote about "itching ears". Peter stands before a group in Jerusalem and says, "How could I deny them baptism?" Both of these men were slaves to the truth. They knew that what they wanted didn't matter as much as the Gospel. They were captured by its message, and they were determined to let it rule their lives.

Something funny happens when your opponent shares the same principle that you have. Something funny happens when the person you cannot stand is in it for the same reasons that you are. Walls crumble. Animosity softens. Two men, different perspectives, same gospel. They had the same goal.

Who is your Peter? Who is your Paul? Who is that person who cares passionately about something yet does so in a way you might disagree with? Find, through Prayer, away to embrace that which is shared and get beyond that which is the subject of conflict. Without both Peter and Paul, our faith wouldn't look anything like it does today. We owe who we are As Christians to two men who couldn't stand each other but who knew that they were in this together.

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